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The 2012 electronic catalog:

The 2012 electronic catalog is complete with over 8,500 of the most popular performance parts and accessories for today, as well as tomorrow's street and high performance cars, trucks, and sport compact performance vehicles. This new catalog format has given us the ability to jam tons of resources and media into our catalogs to better help you to learn more about the products that we can provide for your next project. This includes;

Parts Pro Electrnoic Catalog Image
  • Product videos
  • Installation instructions
  • Dynos and other performance information
  • Detailed product images
  • Much more!


This new electronic format gives us the ability to provide you the most complete and feature-rich catalog experience availabe in the high-performance automotive industry. This electronic catalog will also be updated regularly, making it the most up-to-date catalog experience as well. Read below for more information.

Optimize your Electronic Catalog Experience

If you have a DVD version of the catalog, there are some steps you can take to make the electronic catalog run at its best. The biggest improvement will be seen if you actually install the catalog onto your local computer. This keeps the process of the optical drive reading from the disk from slowing down performance of the catalog viewing experience. The DVD has an autoinstaller on it, so when you insert the disk in your computer, it will automatically take you to a helpful install wizard to make the most of your catalog experience.